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My name is Janice Evans,
I was born in New Orleans but,lived in New York. I went to school for a while. I lived with my father from the age of three until sixteen.
I went to P.S. 100 and Martin Luther King. I have won awards for commitment as a participant in Tulane/HA NO programs I went to school in Nor cross GA.and continue in The School of ALLIED, and High School Diploma and Now studying Writing at the Ash worth University. I see life challenging struggle that can be overcome with eliminating thing's that hold you back. Life means to me taking one day at a time friends I have Lot's of them they all come from my childhood, we keep in contact with each other and send each other pictures but, we haven't seen each other in thirty-one years. When I am depress I read the bible to sooth all pain.I can recall the good old day's we all shared jumping rope, kool-cane, volleyball, and than sometime we just sit talking about little family discussion. We Lot's some of our childhood friends we miss them dearly, I am in a serious affair engaged to be married haven't set a day but, soon but, the places I like to go on dates is too the chop-house eating under candle lights and red roses and red french wine. I think that my relationship will last forever because, I think he's the one for me, we have been together for twelve years and three months well my outlook on the future is write books and be happily married owning my own beach home looking under the sun and playing in the sand, and walking along the shores.I want to have a book out by 2010 writing my first book will completed my dreams and golds

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Song: Every Night In The Week

Every night in the week I want you by my side
and when your not their I can't be satisfied.

On Mondays he starts to move me
On Tuesdays he really grooves me
On Wednesdays he really thrills me.

On Thursdays he really sends me
On Fridays he's gone to the movies
On Saturdays he really kills me.

On Sundays I'm mad as a girl can be
somebody taking my man away from me
I need your good and loving every night
in the week.

I need your good and loving every night in the

Looking In The Mirror

Looking in the mirror
And what do I see
I see this handsome little
Man look at me.

Looking in the mirror
And what do I see
I see this other man
Staring at me.

Looking in the mirror
And what do I see
I see two men in the Image
One man to the right and
One to the left of me.

Looking in the mirror
What did I see I seen
A God millionaire Stallion
Watching over me.

In My Dreams

In my dreams
What do I see
I see a preacher
Waiting for me.

In my dreams
I see a man and woman
Looking like me.

In my dream
what do I see
Two married people
saying I do.

In my dreams
Can this be real
When I awake I'll
Tell you what I feel.


Hiding in the light
Hiding in the dark
Hiding love in your heart.

Hiding love
Hiding hate
Hiding so, many thinks that you think.

Hiding the presents
Hiding the past
Hiding the future you never had.

Hiding all the thing's that are possible
Hiding all your love deep in your heart
Hiding all love that sunk in your dream
you are hiding every little thing.




how are you blogger's very well, I do hope. God has been good to me and I thank him everyday. I am new at this Blog and I am learning how to built a web page. when you come visit just have a look around tell me what you see. Please leave me a comment or just keep in touch on my site I write story about different stuff it's fun so visit some of my sites that you see and there you can share your thoughAsk'>">Ask Me a Question!ts?



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